Who are we?

Established in 1972, Asian Cultural Union remains the only Asian umbrella group at NYU and is one of the largest and most prominent organizations in the history of the university.

Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate and promote Asian cultures through cultural, social, and business-oriented events, as well as community service projects.

Why ACU?

Because of our diverse membership, ACU seeks to promote the learning and understanding of individual heritages, while simultaneously creating unity among students of all ethnic backgrounds.

Who can join?

ACU is an all-inclusive organization that welcomes members of all backgrounds. ACU was founded upon and continues to operate under the precepts of racial and social tolerance, indiscrimination, and equality.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Sips n' Crafts!

ACU is back! Come out to our first event of the year in Kimmel E&L (Floor 4 Auditorium) to decorate tote bags and notebooks all while drinking delicious boba! See you there πŸ˜‰


Our annual food fest is back and better than ever! πŸ—£ Come join us for a night of asian food!
🍱 We will also have games, and a chance to win some prizes!

Asian Cartoon Utopia

Come hang out with us and your favorite cartoon/anime characters at Kimmel Rosenthal!
πŸŽ‰ We'll have games, arts and crafts, and of course... prizes!

Arts and Crafts Night

Our first in-person event of the S22 semester - Arts and Crafts Night πŸŽ‰!
Join us for tote bag painting, felting, beading, origami, and other fun arts and crafts at Kimmel Rosenthal πŸ₯°

Game Night

We're back! Join us for game night in Kimmel to play some fun games and win some amazing prizes.

Midterm Destress

Midterm season is here, so take a break at Kimmel and pick up some free Muji stationary and pens! Supplies are limited, be sure to snag yours before we run out!

Ghibli Getaway

Play carnival games like Pin The Face On No Face, Totoro Relay, Cat Bus Scramble, and more to win Ghibli-themed prizes and bottle your own soot sprites to take home! Connect with other Ghibli fans over free food and film soundtracks! It will be a TOTORO-ly fun night!


Come out for some extraordinary treats! And by treats, I mean our lovely E-Board members that will be raffled off for Valentine's day suitors. But there will be good food too of course.

ACU Idol 2019

Every year, we hold a singing competition for talented individuals to compete for the title of ACU Idol! There will be a panel of judges, very official! There will also be additional performances from our lovely E-Board members but we're not professionals so please cheer even if we're not the best! As one of biggest events of the semester, there'll be a ton of food so come hang out with us in our last event of the semester!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

Stop BOWS(ER)-ing social media and come out to our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament hosted with the EAS department for a FREE-to-enter tournament with CASH prizes and free food! The East Asian Studies department will say a few words about their wonderful courses to give you more of an INKLING about what they’re offering next Spring.